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Over the course of a few weeks, nearly everyone’s business and life have been turned upside down. It’s been a crazy time with toilet paper shortages, businesses forced to close, an overload of information (and misinformation on social media). With the recent disruption in mind, we wanted to help support you however we can.

We’ve seen a number of our clients already impacted by the virus and decided to put together some COVID-19 Resources to help you out.

We’re always watching the constantly changing situation, especially in relation to government packages for businesses and employees. We’ll be regularly updating this page to keep you informed, so please feel free to bookmark it. We will work to add more resources for you every week.

Take a browse of the resources covering topics such as Business Advice, Government Help, Latest News and Wellbeing.

Coronavirus, Covid19- Small Business Guidance/Loan Resources


T’S THE LAW: 2 Trillion PASSED!!!

Here what you get:
● SBA Forgivable Loans Up to $10,000,000*
● SBA Emergency Grant Up To $10,000*
● Withdraw Retirement Penalty Free Up to $100,000*
● SBA Disaster Loans Up To $2,000,000
● Defer Payroll Taxes Sec 2201 To 2021/2022*
● Recovery Rebates $2,400 MFJ/$1,200 Single*
● Get Cash For NOLs In ’18, ’19, ’20*
● Employee Retention Credit Up To $10,000/employee*
● Sick Employee Payroll Tax Credit Up To $2,000/employee/qtr

And there is SO MUCH to consider.

If you want to know what YOU need to do, set up a time! Here

Note: The bill has just passed and we are learning more every single hour about how this bill will be implemented and the interpretations of each component. For the most up to date information and FREE Analysis based on your situation, let me know!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need help to fill the forms and to now which program you can qualify.

All the best.