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A note from Aidelis Leon, President & Owner

I’ve spent more than two decades providing expert accounting and tax preparation services to hundreds of clients of all sizes, from SMBs and non profits to top global corporations. While my passion has always been in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses, today I’m pleased to focus on the innovative, rapidly growing cannabis industry. I find that both the opportunities and challenges provided by this new market segment are abundant – and I’m here to ensure you are simultaneously successful and compliant in your business endeavors.

When I work with you, you’ll enjoy the benefit of my expertise in data analytics and sophisticated modeling tools combined with my specialized training and ongoing education in the rules, regulations and best practices for cannabis accounting. My focus is to help you maximize your efficiencies and bottom line through strategic fiscal practices and business administration customized to your industry.

I lead with the belief that business should be founded upon strong relationships and mutual trust. That’s why I take the time to really get to know you and your business priorities. I’m here to answer your questions and support you at all points along the way.

Here’s to growing your budding business!

Aidelis Leon, President & Owner, AD Virtual Services

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