Accounting for Not for Profits

Our advisors are Non Profit specialists. We’ve worked with clients in this area and have seen firsthand the struggles they go through. This means we understand the unique challenges you face and the stringent requirements you have to meet. We’re here to help make it easy.

About us

We’ve got the experience you need to grow your Non Profit…without the stress! Our firm is led by Aidelis Leon, a qualified accountant with more than 30 years experience under her belt. Our team are based in Reno, Nevada, but use modern technology to service clients right across the United States.


Outsourcing your accounting to AD Virtual Services is an affordable solution that saves you time. You don’t have to worry about the costs and consequences of employing an inexperienced internal staff member, because we’ve got years of knowledge and practical experience. We’ll make sure your business is up-to-date with all your regulatory and compliance requirements so you can rest easy. We don’t just crunch the numbers and leave it there though. We’re great at the accounting tasks, but we love to take it further. We want to see our clients grow and be successful, whatever that looks like for them. We’ll give you useful insights into your business so you know how it’s actually going and what you need to do to improve. We paint the picture behind the numbers so you can make smart business decisions.

Our accounting services include cost accounting, business strategy sessions, bank reconciliations, annual financial statement preparation, ongoing consultations and more.


Tax time isn’t exactly a fun time for many individuals and business owners, no matter the industry. There are so many laws, requirements and regulations you need to abide by and they change regularly. AD Virtual Services stay on top of all this. We’ll handle the preparation and lodgement of your returns for you. Our difference here is in our commitment to quality which comes from decades of experience and eye for detail. Our experts are well versed in tax and will ensure your business is on the right side of the IRD.
Our clients love how we lift the burden off their shoulders. With AD Virtual Services, they don’t have to worry about tax time again. Talk to us today to find out how you get the freedom to focus on what you want to do.

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